Election, Salvation, and the state of The Elect

  1. God is sovereign in grace as in every other realm.

  2. God, in Christ, before the foundation of the world and for His own glory, did elect an innumerable number of mankind to eternal life as an act of His grace and an expression of His love; this election was in no way dependent upon His foresight of their faith, decision, works, or merit. The redeeming work of Christ accomplished salvation for every true believer.

  3. The Elect, being loved of God with an everlastin love, are redeemed, quickened, and saved, not by themselves, nor their own works, lest any man should boast, but only and wholly by God, of His own free grace and mercy, through Jesus Christ, who is made unto us by God, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, and all in all, that he that rejoiceth, might rejoice in the Lord.

  4. The elect, having been brought to faith by the ministry of the Spirit, are justified (forgiven of all their sins and declared righteous in the sight of God) on the sole basis of Christ’s righteousness imputed to them. All the elect, before Christ’s first advent and after, are justified in the same manner. Apart from Christ, there is no salvation.  Those who are thus justified are also adopted as God’s own children and made joint heirs with Christ. They are given the Holy Spirit as the guarantee of their redemption.

  5. Repentance, faith, and personal holiness are the certain fruit of regeneration.

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