The Holy Spirit's Work in Salvation and Sanctification

  1. God the Son has sent forth the Holy Spirit to apply the sacrifice of Christ to the elect by convincing them of their sin and misery, enlightening their minds in the knowledge of Christ, and renewing their wills, thus persuading and enabling them to embrace Jesus Christ through faith alone, whom has been freely offered to them in the gospel. The work of the Holy Spirit, which is called regeneration or rebirth, is accomplished through the instrumentality of the Word of God and gives spiritual life to an otherwise spiritually dead sinner. All believers have the Spirit of God.

  2. The Holy Spirit indwells believers and works in them that which is pleasing in His sight. Having freed them from the power of sin, He conforms them into the image of Christ and enables them more and more to put to death the deeds of the body and live unto righteousness. This process is never perfected in this life.

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