There is only one true God of three distinct but equal persons: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; all having the same attributes and qualities, each having the whole of the divine essence, yet distinct from one another so that the persons are not to be confused nor the substance divided. God is glorious. His glory stems from all that He is, His attributes. This holy and eternal Spirit is in every way infinite (in greatness, wisdom, power, love) and is unchanging in His being and perfection. God fully exists everywhere, yet He is separate from and far above His creation. He knows all things because He has decreed all things. He is all-powerful, all-great, and all-wise, and as such rules over all as sovereign - working all things according to His own will so that all things will ultimately abound to the praise of His glory. He is self-sufficient and is in no way dependent upon His creation. He is a God of love who is merciful and gracious, long-suffering, compassionate, and forgiving. Yet, He is also pure, righteous, and just, and in righteousness will judge mankind. God can do anything that is consistent with His nature and His eternal purpose. He cannot deny Himself, nor can He lie. God is jealous for His own honor and glory and will display it in grace and mercy, as well as in judgment and wrath.

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