Man’s Creation and Fall

In the beginning, God, by His powerful word, freely created the universe out of nothing, making all things very good. All things visible and invisible were created by Him and for Him. He continues to sustain His creation and rule over it, even now. As the pinnacle of His creation, He made our first father, Adam, in His own image - sinless and upright. God appointed Adam head and representative of the whole human race. Thus, He made all Adam’s offspring liable to the effects of Adam’s obedience or disobedience to His commandment.  Adam disobeyed God’s commandment, fell from his original righteousness into sin, and brought death, condemnation, and corruption upon himself and all his posterity who are now conceived in sin, and by nature the children of wrath, the servants of death, and other miseries in this workd, and forever, unless the Lord Jesus Christ set them free; It is utterly beyond the power and desire of fallen man to understand the things of God, to seek Him, to keep His commandments, to embrace the gospel, to repent of sin, or to trust in Christ.

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